4.1-Clap your hands | 1ली, English, Abhyas

4.1-Clap your hands

1. Listen, sing and act.

Clap your hands, Clap your hands
Listen to the music and
Clap your hands.
Stamp your feet, Stamp your feet
Listen to the music and
Stamp your feet.
Turn around, Turn around
Listen to the music and
Turn around.
Jump up high, jump up high,
Listen to the music and
Jump up high

2. Listen and act.

Clap your hands.
Bend down.
Jump in.
Jump out.
Stand up.
Sit down.
Close your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Leader : I am the leader. Do as I say.
Touch . . . .
your head.
your eyes.
your ears.
your nose.
your knees.
your shoulders.
Tap your feet.

Author: Active Guruji


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