2.2-The town mouse and a country Mouse | 7वी, इंग्रजी

Country life

Life in country is simple. There are not many facilities available in country life. There are no good roads, sanitation, electricity, education hospital etc. But the climate and air are free from the pollution.

There is greenery everywhere. we get fresh vegetables and pure milk. The people there are un educated but polite and simple.

City life

Life in city is full of stress & tension. It’s a hasty life. One has to run from post to pillar from the morning. There is a risk to life. Life is very fast. One gets lost in a crowd.

The climate and air are polluted. Cost of living is very high. People always run after money and luxuries. But you get good educational and health facilities in cities.

There are more opportunities for jobs ‘in city’. In spite of all the minus points, the people rush to cities to settle in.

What is better country life or town life? Why?

Town life is better than country life. becaus in town you get all the things required for living a life. Job opportunities is the most important thing for any person.

If he/she has got a source of income the person can meet his needs and pursue his ambition.

education, health care, transport and industry are the important factors of town that make life in the town more better. In spite of the pollution, crimes, housing problems, city is the first preference of most of the citizens.

Author: Active Guruji


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